But we’ve found ourselves in a cultural climate that appears increasingly unlikely to promote the skills required to think coherently about ourselves or how properly to converse with each other. The trouble with a sound-bite culture that resents complexity and lacks the patience to listen to (or read) any account of people, places, or events that doesn’t somehow prove we’re in the right is that it eventually becomes a sort of feedback loop playing over in our heads even when we aren’t tuned in to the television, radio, or computer screen. Our minds become populated with the slogans, short answers, talking points, and clichés that made us feel strong and in control when we heard them, and we only like to hear them reaffirmed

I have to reblog this because it’s historic and because it’s Becky. Rapid City, kids.




I was really sad yesterday and then I watched this and I laughed so hard it scared my cat. 

I generally don’t lock in too many hand to cloth grips for several reasons:

1) It strongly increases likelihood of jacking up fingers over time.

2) Attachment via cloth can lead to psychological attachment in trying to force positions for longer than it’s wise too.

Structure of Grace - Design: Griping

I feel #2. When live rolling, I’m not super-skillful, but I have great grips for some reason. I will often grab onto a lapel in the hopes that it will eventually lead to a choke, but without the roadmap nor conviction to get me there.