deggowaffles asked:

What's your opinion on the Marvel Cinematic Universe? In terms of what they've accomplished, and how these intertwining franchises build upon each others mythology. Apart from Agents of SHIELD of course (even that finally started incorporating the more comic-book aspects).

boiledleather answered:

I don’t think much of it, to be frank. The Iron Man films are great fun, and I enjoyed Incredible Hulk and Captain America; Thor made me sad for Kenneth Branagh, and I think The Avengers is cringingly un-charming in its attempts to be charming, which is all Whedon’s got. (That one long shot of the team working together to beat up their horribly designed alien antagonists throughout Manhattan was nice, as was the part where the Hulk smashed Loki, but that’s really it.) In general the MCU leeches out all the genuine splendor, grandeur, and weirdness of the comics — most of which sprang from the mind of Jack Kirby, the King of Comics, whose legal, financial, and ethical claim on his creations has been ground to a pulp by suits — in favor some pretty politically dubious messaging regarding the necessity of unaccountable military intelligence agencies.




Doctor Who AUThe Disruption of WhiteWash 

Another title for this was  ”I reject your cishet normative characters and give you an Indian/English female Doctor (Archie Panjabi), her transgendered and Hispanic companion (Harmony Santana) , and a English black Master (Idris Elba)”, but it was considered too long.

Panjabi plays the Thirteenth Doctor, taking the role after Natalie Dormer. A darker Doctor, Panjabi’s regeneration is a result of losing her impossible girl Clara, struck down by the Master. After years of solitude, she begins to grow cold, barely going on adventures and much less choosing to interfere. Which is why it’s so curious that when he finds Estefania, a mastermind with an IQ worthy of Harvard, is barely able to make ends meet in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Not only that, but he finds her in the middle of discovering the island’s oldest secret, one that doesn’t plan on leaving any witnesses. 

Yes. Absolutely this. Immediately.